A General Guide To The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese constellations are a very interesting topic, especially for those who are interested in horoscopes. Like the Western constellations, the Chinese constellations use a 12-step cycle to account for personality types and compatibility. However, the Chinese version of the zodiac has many unique differences compared to the Western version.
Instead of splitting the 12 phases into months, the Chinese split 12 phases each year. Each year he is awarded an animal and a range of personality traits. This concept is best illustrated in the following example.

Let’s say you have a man named Jeff. Jeff was born in 1988. In the zodiac, 1988 is the year of the dragon. Therefore, Jeff can be said to be a dragon, and his personality traits are described as passionate, powerful, proud, and many other dragons …
In addition to these annual cycles, there are also monthly cycles and schedules. The menstrual cycle represents a person’s “inner animal” and the time cycle determines a person’s “secret animal”. These different cycles produce a total of 8,640 different combinations.
Many people use these combinations to determine compatibility. Compatibility is how relationships and two different personalities are combined. By judging their personalities, we can infer how they work together and work together. Visit:- Dragon City Guide
The Chinese zodiac simplifies this by using animals to explain these personality traits. Now you can easily spot the signs of the two animals and decide how to combine them.
For example, the constellations of dragons and dogs are said to be poorly mixed, but dragons and monkeys are very well combined. Many say that zodiac tools are most effectively used to find incompatible personalities. Incompatibility is probably more accurate than compatibility.
It is very similar to the constellations of the West. However, although the western constellations do not use animals, they do use constellations such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces. We also use these symbols to predict compatibility.
Of course, this is just a brief introduction to the subject. More complexity is involved. For example, the zodiac also contains the thrills of four different animals. Each contains animals that share common characteristics.

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