Corporate Case Management Software

Are you looking for a single, secure window to meet your legal needs of your business? Lex Mantra is a smart corporate legal solution exclusively created to streamline the legal workflow of a corporate with a variety of reporting options within a single. Case management software solution is perfect for facilitating management, employees and corporate counsels and assists in determining legal status of cases and future plans of action. It is also able to automate and streamline the process of planning deadlines and events in relation to legal issues.

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Case management software lets you to manage your legal case and helps you with reporting. This program is extremely efficient and well-designed. It can be an enormous help to the modern law firm and other corporate entities. This fully-featured program provides details of everything, from preventive management, managing matters, contact management through closure and outcomes with simple inputs and reports.

If you’re certain about the expansion of your company, it’s time to pick the best software to manage your case. There are many benefits to the use of this software, such as easy management of deadlines
* Intelligent automation of time and billing entries
* Improved communication coordination
* Easy document retrieval
Flexibility to work from anywhere

All corporate houses who need to manage their litigation may benefit from a case management software. It can improve your legal workflows; improves control, and improve speed and efficiency.

Legal departments require a legal matter management software that can help the system to record and act as single source of truth over a long. Lex Mantra is a well-known name providing legal management solution, Lex Mantra has been offering such solutions to legal department and industry segments that include manufacturing industry, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, food and FMCG industries as well as engineering and hospitals. The solutions demonstrate legal’s value to the business by driving down costs while securing against certain risks. The software is easy to use and helpful for keeping a backup of older versions so that you can look over the files later. You even can organize your documents with ease by creating multiple folders. Also it facilitates you with simple movement and access to your folders.

Lex Mantra’s complete matter management software can help you from preventive management to the management of contact matters through the end of the process and report. Matter management is an entire module that assists users to identify matters of early stage. Reporting is accomplished by generating the status of Pending Notices as well as Close Notices, Yet to respond and much more.

Many of the challenges that many industries face are solved by legal matter management solutions. These software solutions offer a single source of truth as well as a central location for users to access greater information. Users can also spot patterns and avoid the risk. With user-friendly features, matter management software will save time and money, and will keep your clients satisfied.

The big corporations concentrate on a wide variety of matters that range from compliance and contracts to litigation. They also perform a number of administrative tasks. A suitable software solution for litigation management is essential to manage these major concerns. The software is designed to be efficient, and can help corporate legal departments handle their daily tasks and responsibilities easily. The powerful software is easy to use and don’t require any technical background. It helps corporate counsel and other department to increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Case management software is an alternative to having an office management system. It provides all the features needed to help you manage your legal department efficiently. So, manage all your corporate legal departments’ requirements with a low price.

Lex Mantra is a corporate that streamlines the legal workflow of corporations with comprehensive reporting with just a click. This solution lets counsels, employees, and managers to access precise, timely and exact information regarding the current legal status of cases and the next steps to take and the appropriate responsibility distribution.

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