Designing A New Hangout With An Electric-Vehicle Charging Station

Everybody seemed to be looking for peace and tranquility during the 2 years of death, stress and loneliness caused by the Covid epidemic. They could use the time to complete their reading or knitting. They may also be thinking about TikTok or other hobbies.

As all this was happening, the advancement of new technology was not slowing down.

As a reminder, prior to the year 2020 speculation was all over Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how robots might be able to take over our jobs. There was a belief to see massive workplace disruptions and autonomous vehicles would be commonplace in the future society.

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Then, fast forward. Slowly the world is shifting its focus towards electric vehicles and the creation of a charging infrastructures. The reason is simple. It’s simple. If it’s difficult to charge electric cars, sales won’t increase, and prices will up. This will translate into lower purchases.

This article will provide an entirely new view. I would like to bring together the idea of charging stations and environmental sustainability.

In a world where more and more countries are trying to encourage the electric vehicle use because of the apparent benefits to the environment, as a designer, I will like to strongly recommend a study into the ways in which the design of electric charging stations could be viewed as the new hangouts over the next 10 years. This is not something I said in a spur of the moment.

My suggestion is to create circular charging stations and allow motorists to mix. To add more tranquility and peace to the area designers could put the plants in the outdoor area as well as vending machines.

The circular shape can include a convenience store or a deli – which can prove useful if built within a large condominium project.

This is like a wonderful and secret oasis that has the same effects of “forest bathing” which helps nourish the soul and heals the earth.

It is possible to improve mental health and also be mindful in the field of architecture. Since technological advancement and environmental sustainability are not a binary choice We must always explore methods to “soften” their impact. Both can coexist as the middle ground.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to further harness the solar energy’s power to charge electric cars, but it could be a bit more time-consuming to come up.

Sustainable architecture shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought it should be a way of living.

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