Failure by Design: How the PE Teacher Can Foil

Increase the number of illegal and undocumented workers and pretend we condemn the one we acted from 650 miles long, never at our northern border, or believe our own masses, of his own crop, sufficiently nonsense.

Recently, everyone has seen the effects of unmarked illegal immigration and teeth and believes the moral outrage arising from it. What may not have noticed is that the other more effective approach, which produces impressive results. How does it work? Start with an admission of the dirty secret that public education dumped the works by doing too good work of a job that collected the aspirations of young people jointly in all the broad spectrum of ethnicity and diversity that made this country great. Every parent wants his son to go to college, and suppose the business elite, “to curse, many children think they can get there.” Ask yourself, was there an attempt on the side of the government who can remember in recent years, making the university more affordable and accessible to young people?

In any case, their efforts to make the university less accessible and affordable. Read how the business elite tried to maintain the impressive (91%) of the high school graduation in Minnesota at the end of the 80s by creating a process through which all students will attend K-10 school.

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Only about 20% of students will be allowed to go through the 12th grade and go to college. Those who come to the end of the 10th grade, with a certificate can be guaranteed a job in places like 3-m and with Agra. These companies will be guaranteed virtually a workforce, not very well educated, fortunately to have a work on the plant. Let’s not do this thing, the facts are annoying things, and just because Wolf Blitzer doesn’t talk it at night doesn’t mean that the plan is not in operation to increase the workforce of the MENA task. Therefore, politicians and large businesses, using the new code code code, the need to create this workforce that is happy to do low payments, happy because their grandfather has a job during depression. How? When they try the day’s lights of the children, from the moment they are in the nursery school with longer tests than the investigation of the bar, and at the remaining time, they spend the preparation for the tests they have as their best predictor ,

The Zip Code. If the program works as planned, there will be a record number of desert at the time the children reach about the ninth and tenth grade. Students will have lowered their aspirations without telling them that they did. Children will have come intuitively to the conclusion that “I was not so intelligent, because I can’t do it well in those tests”: Those who made Mayor Bloomberg a hero to make 15 000 children, the 3rd grade be repeated. Ed. (Do you remember the worries of childhood obesity?), Music or art, because everything we do is prepared for the test … I take away, goodbye. “Look at the media that the bosses spoke, complain about governments. Lack of concern for illegal immigration, and observe the head that Du Jour in CNN or MSNBC in the highest tears of wet crocodiles on the highest fall rate, every night. Here’s really real, and it’s not a conspiracy … When he heard that the desert had never been higher, he knows the purpose of creating our own happy, happy and non-creative workforce.

Simple tools to their to order and classify children. Take them to a private school or at the school of origin while having the possibility that you should not take the standardized tests in those configurations. It really doesn’t believe the gurus of the round table of businesses All 50 cents per hour will not bring the hours of the Far East and Latin America, if the children suddenly started in the tests, right? Remember that corporations do not know national boundaries. Then, when you hear the word “competitive”, you must “with whom?” And “about what?” Is GM USA going to compete with GM Europe and GM Far East? Certainly, it’s not a match between countries like Olympic Games. Of course you may be like us, those who dare in dark places in these dangerous times, like a nicodem that comes to Jesus, so that they really have a diverse thought or two.

Here’s a novel thought … Let’s try to increase the test scores a little without spending all our school time prepared for the tests. It is scientifically proven that the activity of physical education that its superintendents and the directors is eliminated for tests with expensive test material is just what children need for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it is the improvement in cognition : Use an elegant word American educators to impress people. This actually means improving the ability of a child to think and concentrates better through regular physical activity in opposition to spending more seating time exercising for “What wants to be a millionaire”, writes multiple choice tests. There is a lot of scientific support to show that a regular program of powerful physical activity increases the overall performance of arithmetic, reading, memorization and categorization skills. He had bright results with older people and children.

In a recent study of Canada, two groups of elementary students created. A group spent an hour a day with moderate physical activity, while the other group performed the test activities during that time. At the end of the year, the group with additional physical activity exceeded the other group in all academic measures. In addition, Fishburne and Boras confirm that with improvements in discipline and self-concepts are strengthened by regular physical activity. The brain expert Simon Evans adds that physical activity actually becomes hormonal support systems in its brain. Activating these systems strengthens the brain pathways already and helps to develop new. In addition, Evan continued, the exercise increases blood supply in the brain. In laboratory studies, the exercise increased the number of blood vessels provided by various brain regions. The effect of exercise improves the delivery of nutrients and eliminating debris from critical regions that influence spiritual function. To make a more technical point, Evans adds that an important area of the brain that produces new neurons is the hippocampus, no, it’s not something that once dresses in the zoo. The hippocampus plays a critical role in learning, memory and attention, a reason why more parents choose exercise for their adhesive kid on Ritalin. Exercise, then, causes a new growth of neurons in the hippocampus and improves performance in different types of cognitive tasks. In addition, physical activity is much more fun for children than keeping their long increase in the seat to do more practice tests. Load Dr. Mahars “energizers” from the web or send your attractive classroom, although attractive, low cost and cheap. It involves a variety of organized activities that do children twice a day for a short period of time, mostly physically, activities combine a mental component and are fully executed in the classroom led by the classroom teacher. There has been a lot of research to show that people can concentrate better after a break, therefore, if there are more breaks, there are more periods in which the concentration is at its highest.

The combination of positive effects of physical activity in the test test will improve the performance of students in test higher than the endless “drill and slaughter”, children are needed. Hill men work in the positive effects of physical activity on young cognition, and not just patients with Alzheimer at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign can also provide greater support for their argument that physical activity increases scores of standardized tests. Talk to the directors of your school and superintendents. Most of these unfortunate individuals whose work assessments are sometimes unfairly hung in the balance according to this test scores can only think about more “drill and slaughter”, more heading, more Softwear, more graphics, graphics and articles analysis, more “dead by PowerPoint cognition increased in its exceptional way. Although these tests are really a way to order their children, we are unhappy with them. The Nazis of the test took survivors, even stole a recess if we did not pay attention. Let us help our children in a form of less, physically and spiritually. We fight to reduce the appearance of school phobia, and we can eventually eventually affect the high drop rate. MC Mahon showed that aerobic exercise reduced anxiety, tension and depression in adolescents. In addition, we can attack the problem of childhood obesity while improving the test scores. The powers: It will not necessarily be happy with the highest scores! They have already sent good work to the Far East. The first marketing rule, friends, is to increase consumer awareness, so leave your gym, tell the whole faculty, showing them the research, reaching the meetings of the school board, calling the newspaper. Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stop, and I’m going to move the world!” Some Patriots once moved the world and created the United States.

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