Guide to the procedure of consent divorce

Toan Long Law would like to guide customers through the quick, effective and prestigious divorce settlement procedure.

The breakdown in marriage is something thủ tục ly hôn thuận tình that no couple wants. However, if for some reason they can no longer stay together, then a divorce should be considered. In order to make a divorce easier, it is necessary to have the consent of both parties. If there is a consent, what procedures need to be done? Here, Toan Long Law would like to guide customers on quick, effective and reliable divorce settlement procedures as follows:


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Conditions for conducting the divorce procedure by consent

The two parties actually divorced on their own.
The two parties have reached an agreement on the division or non-division of property, the care, rearing, care and education of their children.
Application for an amicable divorce

Application for consent for divorce (form).
Marriage registration certificate (original).
ID card, household registration book of husband and wife (notarized copy).
Child’s birth certificate, if any (notarized copy).
Other relevant documents and evidences such as certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets which are jointly owned by husband and wife, papers on other common property…
Place of receiving dossiers: People’s Court of district, district where the spouse resides.

Divorce consultation service at Toan Long Law:

Preliminary advice on legal and practical issues when conducting consensual divorce procedures.
Prepare dossiers and documents for the application for a consensual divorce.
Check the application review progress.
Representing clients to submit dossiers at competent State agencies.
Responses to official dispatches from competent State agencies.
If you have any questions regarding divorce proceedings, please contact Toan Long Law Firm 0934.682.133 for free advice from lawyers.

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