Holiday Pet Travel – Bring Your Pet With You

Holidays are one of the best travel seasons and the best time to bring your pet. Whether you’re on a ski vacation, on a family vacation, or enjoying the magical mood of a Swiss town on Christmas, the best trips will make your trip even more enjoyable.
Consider identifying your pet before you leave. Pet ID tags with CELLPHONE numbers are great because no one answers the phone at home. You need to consider the safety of your pet’s microchip. If your pet is away from you, the shelter or veterinarian can read the chip and find it in the database of the company that made the microchip. If you’re spending a few weeks in one place, consider purchasing a second pet identification label with contact details for where you’re staying.

Pet cages are a great way to keep your pet safe when traveling by car. Unless the pet is trapped or caged, the behavior can distract the driver of the vehicle. As much as we all want a small pet on our lap, it negatively impacts the safety of pets, drivers, and passengers driving in cars. Collisions can seriously injure an unruly pet, even at low speeds. The safety of your pet is your responsibility. Fix it (as you do it yourself) or put it in a box.
Do not leave your pet alone in the car if it is very hot or very cold. Please prepare water, food and water / food bowl in the car. You may not be able to find the pet food brand you are accustomed to. Visit:-

If your pet weighs more than 15 pounds and travels by air, you will need a pet cage that complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. If you are staying at a hotel, the pet cage is a good place to keep your pet during meals. Make sure your pet cage is large enough so that your pet can get up and roll. Make sure you have enough food and water while you are away. It’s also a good idea to put an absorbent pet pad on the bottom of the cage to keep your pet dry in the event of an accident.
Buy your cage long before your trip so your pet gets used to it before you travel. The pet cage is divided into two, one on the second floor and the other downstairs. Leave the top of the box for a few days and place a snack or your favorite toy just below. After making sure your pet is comfortable, install the cage and keep the door open. Invite them with compliments and treats.
Nowadays it’s easy to fly with your pet. Almost all airlines accept pets on board. Many small pets can travel with you on a regular basis in the cockpit of pet carriers that comply with airline regulations. Large pets pack and move in special parts of the cargo hold where the temperature and pressure are the same as in the cabin. Be sure to warn the captain of the plane that your pet is in the cargo. Pets take great care to keep temperature and pressure at adequate levels. You need a health certificate that shows that your pet is healthy enough to fly. Please book in advance as the airline only allows a limited number of pets per flight. Avoid medical sedatives for pets and instead give them natural products that reduce their anxiety, such as a product called Happy Traveler.
Accommodation is required on the way. The majority of pet-friendly hotels, motels, beds and breakfasts accept pets, but not all types and sizes are always accepted. It is important to discuss in advance and know your pet’s policy. Under no circumstances should your pet be left in the car overnight.
If you are traveling, keep your pet on a regular schedule by feeding it and “walking” as close to normal time as possible. Be sure to pack a plastic bag for your walk. If you’re traveling with a cat, a portable trunk is available. Pets are not in a normal environment, so tie them to a leash and watch carefully. Reassure them if they show signs of tension or anxiety.

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