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Placing topics in web directories, more commonly known as blogs, is not a new concept. Many people have been “blogging” for years to blow steam, make money, and meet new people. Now we have a relatively new use for blogs. A blog to drive traffic to your site.
So how do companies use blogs to increase traffic and sell more products if possible? Follow a simple blogging strategy in three steps: posting regularly and consistently, bookmarking your site manually or via an automated system, and switching between blogs and related blogs to increase search engine ranking and visibility.
Post to schedule

Post quality is very important, but consistent posting is just as important. If you start posting daily or three times a week, you need to keep your schedule while the blog is available. There’s nothing more offensive to readers than getting used to reading the latest news from a blog. Just post a new one for a week or more. If you do this multiple times without explanation, you’ll be guaranteed to come back and see that your readers have subscribed to your feed and stopped accessing your blog.

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You want to increase traffic to your website, so giving your readers a reason to visit you every day should be a top priority.
If you know you won’t be able to post for a while, you can post a large number of posts and then post your blog at a specific preset date and time. This is the perfect solution if you know you’re going on vacation or if you’re feeling sick. My advice is to write and save if you have a lot to say, but don’t publish your post immediately and view your post on a regular basis.
Use social bookmarks

To effectively drive traffic to your business website, you want as many people as possible to know about your blog. Social bookmarking allows you to send blog posts to different directories to learn about topics of interest. There are some important things to keep in mind when designing a blog for good bookmarks. You will definitely want to submit your blog to the most popular bookmark sites like Technorati, StumbleUpon and Digg. You can do this manually or from a free bookmark site such as SocialPoster. It can be a tedious task, but it’s worth spending time with these guides to get to know your blog. It’s also very important to provide readers with an easy way to bookmark a website. If someone is reading a blog or post that is useful to you, bookmarking the blog is a good network etiquette so that others can benefit from the same blog. This bookmark practice stimulates your interest in your blog and therefore your product or service through a large amount of targeted (interesting) traffic.
Links to other high quality blogs

As in the real world, it’s about who you know. Linking your blog to other blogs will make it look better. Why do others promote your blog for free unless you have something worth offering?
There are several ways to link your blog to other blogs. First, you can send an email, contact the owner of another blog, or request a link exchange. Most bloggers have a linked list or blog roll next to their blog so that readers can find other blogs that interest them. Be sure to limit your requests to other bloggers who are writing about topics related to your blog. If your blog is about proper cat care, a real estate blog will be of little help in contacting you!

Another way to get links to other sites is to participate in blog comments. Again, keep in mind that you stick to blogs that are related to blogs. Otherwise, you will be accused of posting spam or poaching on your blog. Please leave only useful comments about posts that you are interested in or that can provide useful information. Please don’t sell too much. However, it is generally considered acceptable to leave the URL link where applicable. Many blogs are set up so that if the person who posted the comment is registered on the site, that name will be clicked on your site as a link to your profile page or directly. This is a convenient way for users to get more information about you without sending a web address to an uninteresting blog reader.

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