Portland Marijuana Dispensaries to Provide Medicinal

In 1998, Oregon became one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana for patients diagnosed by doctors as suffering from chronic pain. The law, called the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), requires doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients with glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, and other conditions that cause chronic pain and muscle spasms. It has been legalized.
The new law has saved thousands of patients across the state who have finally obtained natural alternatives to addictive opioid analgesics such as Vicodin and Oxycontin to treat their pain. But the problem is that the law never provides marijuana patients with an easy way to get their medicine.
OMMA allowed patients to find a caregiver responsible for growing marijuana. The problem is that growing marijuana is very expensive and time consuming, making it difficult to find a caretaker who wants to grow it for free. Visit:- https://trippydispensary.com/

As a result, many patients who were anxious for medical marijuana could not get the drug.
Setting up and maintaining an indoor garden to grow your own marijuana requires a lot of physical work.

Unfortunately, patients who need the most medical marijuana are least likely to grow because of their debilitating physical condition. Therefore, the need for marijuana pharmacies is clearer than ever. To address this issue, the organization Voter Power has launched the acquisition of Voting Initiative I-28, which legalizes the establishment of regulated medical marijuana pharmacies. These pharmacies legally sell marijuana to patients in the OMMA program for medical use. In most cases, many of these pharmacies open in Portland, the state’s largest city.
These marijuana pharmacies in Portland purchase marijuana from Oregon-licensed suppliers to grow medical marijuana.

The pharmacy then sells medical marijuana to OMMA patients. OMMA patients must present a medical marijuana card in advance. Both buyers and sellers are regulated by the state and all transactions are taxable.
Portland’s marijuana suppliers will be Oregon’s main source of tax revenue, but more importantly, it provides natural and legitimate medicine to those in desperate need.

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