Teach You About What Not To Do

The tv program “Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition” has attracted millions of viewers over seven seasons of tear-jerker house transformations to “deserving families”. But, this “feel-good” show is under criticism for the poor quality of their “makeovers” and their tendency to construct huge, costly homes for families who are already struggling with poverty and now have to deal with huge utility and tax bills. The consequences for the families that were featured in”EM:HE “EM:HE” show has illustrated the issues that real estate agents are warning customers to stay clear of for years.

*Don’t do a crappy renovation*

It’s better to spend your money on less high-quality renovations that will work within your home than massive projects that fail because of rush, poor workmanship, and poor high-quality materials. “EM:HE” has done makeovers that look really cool however, they haven’t stood the tests of time and usage and cost homeowners in difficult financial situations more. The Yazzie family from Pinon, AZ ended up paying $400 per month for their utility bills following renovations that resulted in an uninsulated house and solar panels that didn’t allow them to be as far away from the grid as claimed.

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*Renovate what is important*

If you’re an affordable fixer-upper do not waste your time investing on frills. Yes, a pool is nice, however, your roof is a bit more crucial. “EM:HE” has installed carousels and bowling lanes inside homes however, adequate insulation and the installation of important features like windows, walls, and roofs, have been missing in certain homes.

Give yourself enough time to complete an appropriate renovation

“EM:HC “EM:HC” show has a strict schedule, so strict that many of the issues that arise after the crews have left are largely due to rushed work and a lack of time to test properly whether the house is operating correctly. There are numerous benefits when you take your time in remodeling and ensuring that all the construction behind are correctly constructed and connected.

*Don’t over-renovate*

One of the criticisms about”EM:HE” is that “EM:HE” show is that some of the houses are built or renovated to the extent that they are not in the boundaries of the neighborhood, which makes them too costly for buyers at the neighborhood and unattractive for buyers in the same price bracket due to nearby properties. This is an issue when owners attempt to sell their homes.

*Don’t renovate your home into a new tax bracket*

One of the major critiques in “EM:HC” is that the extravagant, new homes show builds for poor families can put them in an even worse financial position due to the house’s size (more energy-intensive utilities required to keep it cooled or heated) and its value (higher tax rates). The show’s transformations are criticized by those who also point out the glorifying of a soaring suburbia with extravagant houses, like the castle that the show constructed at Lake City, Ga.

Don’t make it public that you’re investing in improving your home.*

“EM:HC” homes have become the targets of burglars because of the extravagant amenities that the show usually offers to families who are part of the show such as flat-screen televisions, computers, and other costly items. When you’re renovating, keep your purchases quiet. Make sure you turn the boxes that are left to be recycled inside-out and wrap them in compact bundles so that people can’t notice that you’ve bought an appliance or gadget that’s new. Thieves are known to attack homes in search of new appliances and other renovation materials.

It’s not difficult to see that “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has helped a lot of American families that otherwise wouldn’t have the benefits that the show offered. The aftermath for families that were featured in the show, however it also reveals what not to do with our homes.

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