The Haunted Houses of Leith

According to local legend, at the end of the 18th century, the Coal Hill was a favorite place for all ignorant bodies to revisit the “moonlight” of Reese. There were several dilapidated homes near Tolbooth Wine, some of which were inhabited by wandering occupiers, but rent was not paid and was not expected.
There were ghosts in each of these buildings, and rumors spread about these orders sealed the fate of the allegedly haunted house. Homeowners have never been so engrossed in spending money on real estate repairs that they probably won’t be able to find large customers. Moreover, if someone was reckless enough to experiment, they would have worked under the unhealthy fear of receiving a visit from a ghost in their home. The natural history of ghosts is vague, and it is true that they had a strong dislike of something in the form of improving places they visited on a regular basis, and soon blisters of anger at those who had the courage. Will be pouring down. To do an experiment. Visit:- Ghost carts

The house closest to Torbooth Wind was one of the curious wooden houses that rarely existed in Scotland. It was 4-5 stories high and was made entirely of wood and plaster. The fa├žade of the building was supported by poles, and only masonry was used for the chimneys. It was a beggar, ass, thief shelter. But when the wind blows, it trembles, trembles, and makes many people think it will dive into the water of the wreath. It was shot down in the early 19th century because it was too dangerous.

The last resident of the property was found dead. He was very rich, but there are rumors that he wasted all his money. It was also used as a tavern used by porters and fishermen. The owner, named Gow, actually had a large parrot and got a rich but unobtrusive vocabulary from his customers. He was able to swear and scold in the best of words and was so harsh that he scared the horse with a tank in the water of Reese.
This building was called Cat Nick or Neuk for some reason and had to be haunted. However, it is widely believed that the story began with beggars and smugglers who left smuggled goods there. But supernatural enthusiasts didn’t want it, and as far as they were concerned, the building was plagued by haunted sailors, making a loud noise from one part of the building to another, and not only that. , He has short legs.

Then others! Everyone who wants to spend the night encounters many horrifying things that have been recorded, such as laughter on the ground, beatings, and wet wipes on the face. The story is NS.
A little off the road to Cat Neuk, there was a house next to the parliamentary room, but this time it was fascinated by a woman and broke well. The last passenger was “Pig Jamie,” who was accused of breaking the plate whenever he was drunk. However, people, including the pastor, came home and were convinced of the existence of the spirit.

This was confirmed by the pig’s son, shoemaker Jamie, who worked one day when he happened to be looking around and seeing a ghost quietly looking over his shoulder. The day trip was brand new and he was so scared that he ran away from the building and never returned. The building was left empty and abandoned. It is unknown what happened to the ghost. Factual or fictional, I leave it to the reader.

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