Their Differences and Similarities

There is a buzz of excitement in the telecommunications and media circles in the telecommunications and media world as iPhone and Android users compete to determine which is the best in its class when it comes to mobile technology. From a business perspective both smartphones have their differences and similarities.

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However, based on the specific categories which they serve there’s always one with an advantage in terms of competitiveness. To determine which mobile device is the most effective one, we’ll look at each one in each segment. The areas to be scrutinized in this smartphone debate are log-in features as well as taking pictures calling as well as managing storage entertainment for users, and last but not least, engaging social media.

Logging In

Logging-in to one’s device could be the very first test of patience and tolerability because it’s the first step we take prior to using other features of the phone. Since each fingerprint is unique, the iPhone’s TouchID fingerprinting technology is the most effective method of granting authentic users access to the phone. While Android users have similar technologies, iPhones is the true patented leaders in this feature.

In a closers comparison in a closer comparison, Android has an advanced screen lock feature which uses facial recognition to grant access to the device but often times this proves less secure than the TouchID feature. Although this does mean that the iPhone is the preferred option in this category however, there are other features that Android users prefer such as making calls.

Making calls

Facetime calls are now the norm in social distancing. This feature has proven its value and iPhone users are laughing with it. Android users have the option of bridging the gap by using apps like WhatsApp to make contact to their contacts online, even though it may not have preferred this category. But, it’s not exactly identical to “Facetime.”

In contrast to iPhone, Android technology boast its user-friendly contact-listing feature which is considered superior to iPhone. The arrangement of contacts is made according to the most frequent and recent calls. This feature makes it possible an easy recall and retrieval of calls. However, one would say “who needs that when you can add a face to a call!”

Selfies as well as Snap Shots

The ability to take photos, used to display pictures on faces is the most well-known feature of smartphones. iPhone is once again with the best when it comes to making photos with precision and quality. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, based on how skilled users are. But there’s one thing both devices can do well organizing and storing photos. Absolutely, Android happens to outdo iPhone in this regard. Google Photo stores pictures and manages the photos.


Storage plays a big part of data collection and one could award the feature a high score when choosing the best device. If one is a photographer, graphic artist or an entertainer in search of a low-cost device to manage data, then he or she most likely would opt for the Android smartphone. It’s because it won’t need an upgrades whenever the storage capacity of the files is exhausted. Expandable SD cards as well as cloud storage options that are available.

However however, the iPhone has its own share of cloud storage options by storing its data stored in iClouds. Similar to Google Photo, the iPhone’s internal storage isn’t equipped with an upgradeable SD card slot. Users must upgrade their devices when they exceed their physical storage. An iPhone is a great option if you’re an entertainer who can manage it. The next feature is better than all the other features!


The iPhone users are awed by music and videos. It is essential to have a device that delivers precision and quality. The iPhone can be heard when it comes to packing punches. According to CNN Business Magazine, the iPhone is the premier device that offers an unlimited and constant repertoire of music for its users. The difference between the iPhone Apple platform and Android is that music isn’t completely free however Android users have access to free music. We all know that Android users are backed through advertisements.

We evaluate the quality of the delivery to determine if we have an award winner in this particular category. Because entertainment speaks for itself The iPhone declares its victory.

Social Media

While iPhone declares its dominance in entertainment, Android challenges its opponent in social media interaction. This is a worrying fact due to its unrestricted access which emanates from the price of Android.

Contrary to this contrary to this, the iPhone is well-known for causing many holes in the pockets of customers. There is however a line to be aware of when updates and new features are released. If you don’t own an iPhone they could not be up to date on the latest technology.

In the world of business there are new applications appearing every day to boost productivity. Social media managers must be equipped with the latest devices in order to effectively manage their markets. When it comes to satisfying these high-tech needs, the iPhone is superior to the Android. However, in terms of ease of communication and advantages for users, we can undoubtedly say the Android has a distinct advantage.

CNET reports that both Samsung and the iPhone have outperformed their rivals in regards to their own capabilities and advantages. The article from CNET explained that communication is crucial to the future of a relationship. It is all dependent on the device they are using to communicate with their mate. Whatever method we employ to connect with each other expectation, tradition, culture, and the culture of each play a significant role in deciding which communication method is most efficient.

The Final Countdown

Logging in to the internet opens up a myriad of options for the ecstatic user, however both smartphones can record memorable moments in various ways. Although there are some flaws but every user is content with the final result.

After the thrilling experiences Storage plays an important part in determining what stays or gets deleted from the devices and we become entertained by what we choose to keep. We also broadcast these experiences with a curious viewers who are eager to see and react.

The differences and similarities highlight the benefits and drawbacks within each of the categories of features. we determine which one gives us satisfaction. We have selected winners in certain of these categories, however; we cannot determine which one is more prominent and superior to the other , as each moment and every category is unique to the user.

To determine a winner, one shouldn’t count only on users’ decisions but on the people (third people) who also feel the outcomes (delivery of the services). They’re a part of the decision-making. This is why I’ll leave it up to each reader to choose the winner: iPhone VS Androids. Both are equally important in the world of telecommunications I believe.

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