Why Would You Choose to Say No?

We would all be able to decide to say ‘no’, to things; a cut of cake, cup of tea, a date or proposition for employment. We have the alternative to go or not go, acknowledge or not acknowledge. By all accounts at any rate.


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For some adage ‘no’, is their programmed default. They might be occupied, focused, exhausted, overpowered and are frantic to try not to take on any more, resolved not to add to their weight. Or on the other hand they may need certainty and not have any desire to be believed to be battling or falling flat in someone else’s eyes.

Then, at that point there are the individuals who consistently say ‘yes’. They might not have any desire to pass up a major opportunity, are consistently quick to be included, to know what’s happening and have their gives on control. They would prefer not to hurt, disillusion or let others down and like to see everybody satisfied and glad.

The ideal level is likely some place in the middle, where we say ‘yes’, enough occasions to stretch and challenge ourselves, attempt new things, make new contacts and escape our usual ranges of familiarity. Be that as it may, similarly say ‘no’, regularly to set aside a few minutes and space to have the option to think, inhale and make the wisest decision for us.

Anyway, for what reason do we say yes?

– Accepting solicitations and offers extends us intellectually and brings some pressure into our lives. Some pressure is useful for us, making us think, issue address, concoct groundbreaking thoughts and answers, work out the most ideal approach forward. It’s nice to keep our psyches ready and connected by presenting new things, particularly when there’s nothing strange or testing in our lives.

– Saying ‘yes’, can incorporate gathering new contacts and expanding our business or group of friends. We may need to chance being the ‘new person’, opening new entryways and in any event, frightening ourselves a bit. Heading off to some place new, accomplishing something other than what’s expected is particularly significant if life has gotten normal or we’re hoping to make a new beginning.

– If solicitations and solicitations consistently cause strain, dread and stress, however we actually end up naturally saying ‘yes’, it’s nice to stop and ponder what’s going on inside, inwardly. ‘I need to check my journal, I’ll hit you up’, might be a reaction that gets you a brief period to ponder the upsides and downsides of what a yes or a no will bring into your life and which is the best choice for you to make now.

– However, could you be one of those individuals who consistently needs to say ‘yes’. You may fear seeming inept, out of your profundity, battling, so you never dare say ‘no’. Yet, continually saying ‘yes’ influences the nature of your work and your emotional wellness as you become exhausted and pushed. You help nobody by continually saying ‘yes’ and taking on something over the top.

For what reason would we decide to say no?

– In an occupied, upsetting life saying ‘no’, can be your dearest companion, a lifeline where you recover some time and harmony for yourself. In case you’re as of now pushed and exhausted you may feel defenseless, liable or awful at declining, however here and there it must be finished.

– It might be that others are ignorant of how bustling you are, don’t see the value in the thing you’re going through, what else is going on in your life. By saying ‘no’, it offers you the chance to acquaint a few limits and cutoff points with your accessibility. Saying ‘no’ fittingly makes them pause and like your commitment, one they’ve maybe underestimated till now.

– Just in light of the fact that you’ve leisure time doesn’t mean you need to be available to others, regardless of how committed you may feel. Crises to the side, it’s nice to have individual opportunity to do different things, seek after different diversions and interests, go for a round of golf, meet companions for espresso, have a comfortable hour or so all alone. There’s no compelling reason to clarify or legitimize yourself; simply grin and persevere, you’re occupied, have different plans that have effectively been made.

– If you discover overhauling your programmed reaction to demands is shockingly troublesome hope to address where your agreeable mentality has come from. Is it an example from youth, where your family was constantly worried about satisfying others, keeping the harmony, not baffling, being promptly accessible? Living in a delicate or weak climate conveys pressure, once in a while bringing about educated conduct that should be tended to and survived, possibly through treatment.

Simply know about the amount you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and what your first response is the point at which an offer or solicitation is made. Assuming you feel that something is alarming however will at last be important, why not figure out how to try it out? However, in the event that your gut discloses to you this isn’t for you, you truly don’t have any desire to do it, it’s anything but ideal for you, you can unwind as you acquire in certainty and decide to say no.

Susan Leigh, advocate, hypnotic specialist, relationship instructor, essayist and media giver offers assistance with relationship issues, stress the executives, emphaticness and certainty. She works with singular customers, couples and gives corporate workshops and backing.

She’s writer of 3 books, ‘Managing Stress, Managing its Impact’, ‘101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ and ‘Managing Death, Coping with the Pain’, all on Amazon and with simple to understand segments, tips and thoughts to help you feel more good about your life.

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