Wireless Networking – Laptop Labs for Schools

Buying a mobile laptop is often a challenge for educators. With the right equipment, mobile labs can be a huge asset. Mobile Labs have been shown to improve test scores and help students focus. Buying the wrong type of equipment can make your mobile laptop lab a big brick.
Student laptops should have the following characteristics: Must be “lightweight”, a very lightweight laptop weighs less than 4 kilograms. Heavy laptops weigh over 8 pounds. The problem is that a very light laptop costs over $ 2,000 and schools can’t afford it, so a £ 6 laptop is enough.
Experimental CD-ROMs for school laptops are optional, if not completely unnecessary. This is because it usually breaks first. The IT technician then installs all the required software over the ghost image or network. Third, without a CD-RW or DVD-ROM, the temptation to use a laptop for non-educational purposes is eliminated.
Second, your laptop needs at least 512 MB of RAM (memory). Most educational software is very graphic-intensive and requires a lot of memory. Using less than 512 MB of memory can cause laptops to freeze and power on, frustrating students and teachers.
Hard drives only require 30 performances. The software installed on your school laptop should perform up to about 4 times. Students don’t download music or movies, so they don’t need a larger hard drive.
Second, the actual profile of the laptop should be slim. The smaller the hand and the thicker the laptop, the more uncomfortable the child will be typing.
Fourth, the laptop must have an 802.11g wireless adapter built in. The adapter must be built into your laptop. If you decide to use the PCMICA Wireless Adapter, it will hit, hurt or break in the first month of use. Visit:-https://pacificlab.vn/
The laptop requires a Pentium M processor or a Centrino processor. This extends battery life to 3.5 hours compared to 2 hours without Centrino technology. The usual rule of thumb for batteries is that you can expect it every year. The laptop battery does not drain completely, so you can extend the replacement period. The laptop monitor must be 14 “or 15”. Small ones are too small for children to read, and large ones are too big and bulky.
Second, if your laptop connects directly to your network, you’ll need an Ethernet network adapter.

Finally, you need to install Windows XP Professional on your operating system.
Mobile vans for laptops are one of the most overlooked items in mobile labs. Your car needs a power strip to charge your laptop. Your car needs some kind of lock to prevent theft. You also need to be able to easily move from one class to another. If the cart is too large and bulky, teachers hesitate to use it. Second, the basket should be easy to use so that students can easily remove and replace the laptop. I’ve seen schools make their own laptop cars, but they can be purchased from a variety of vendors.

If your cart is difficult to use, remember that your laptop is unsafe, not used by teachers, stolen or damaged.
Finally, check out sites like cnet.com and amazon.com before deciding on a laptop line and reading the reviews. Also, call your local district to find out which technology you are using for your mobile lab. A rough rule of thumb for buying technology is that you don’t want to be the test of others.

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